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ABC issues “Union Watch Alert” about union task force proposal for Charlotte

The Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas (ABC) has issued a Union Watch Alert on efforts by the AFL-CIO and the IBEW to pressure the Charlotte city council to establish a task force to study construction workers’ conditions.

On July 26, the two groups held a press conference at Charlotte City Government Center to urge the council to adopt union-friendly requirements and label merit shop contractors as unsafe, low paying and providing no worker benefits referencing a report called ‘Building a Better South’.

ABC Carolinas has responded to the claims of the AFL-CIO and the IBEW.

“The unions are in continual decline and are looking to expand their market share, not better the industry,” said president and CEO Doug Carlson. “The South continues to grow and build safely and on merit.”

“With the recent push by the AFL-CIO and the IBEW, ABC is reminding members to be ever vigilant in dealing with union organizing with tools like the ABC Pocket Guide to Union Organizing and a Rapid Response Toolkit to Union Organizing to help construction industry employers deal with the most common questions and issues related to union organizing,” the ABC Carolinas statement said.

Video: Construction workers and labor advocates gathered outside the Government Center. They asked Charlotte City Council to require developers to disclose their contractor’s employment practices as part of future rezoning petitions. Jeff Siner The Charlotte Observer
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