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America-China business announces “world headquarters” in Research Triangle

A business organization asserting that it is building American-style communities in China says it has signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and construct its international headquarters in the Research Triangle area.

AmericaTowne, Inc. and its subsidiary, ATI Modular Technology Corp., have announced that, in collaboration with L.F.T.E., Inc., a North Carolina corporation, its post-merger entity – AmericaTowne Holdings, Inc. will utilize “tradesmen experienced in modular construction with an eye towards advancing ATI Modular’s technologies and know-how in the United States and in China.”

“With the pending merger of AmericaTowne and ATI Modular into one entity – AmericaTowne Holdings, management is of the opinion that our anticipated growth models require us to expand and modernize our headquarters,” AmericaTowne chief executive officer Alton Perkins said in the news release.

The document didn’t specify the dollar value or whether the company has selected contractors for the headquarters project.

L.F.T.E. in North Carolina corporate filings describes itself as an “importing and exporting” business with Fang Lee listed as president in the most recent filed annual report. The business address listed is 214-215 Preston Executive Dr. in Cary.

“AmericaTowne Holdings will be operating AmericaTowne’s and ATI Modular’s businesses as subsidiaries. As a result, the need to operate these two businesses, and any future businesses falling under the AmericaTowne Holdings’ umbrella will require a state of the art facility with conference, meeting and training facilities,” the news release said. “We believe our partnership with L.F.T.E. will allow us to accomplish our objectives.”

The ATI Modular website asserts: “ATI Modular Technology Corp (formerly Global Recycle Energy, Inc.) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada on March 7, 2008. The Company has signed agreements with governments of Shexian, Hebie Province; Yongyan, Fujan Province, and Chizhou City, Anhui Province, China to design, install and construct manufacturing plants to produce eco-friendly, low-carbon buildings using American modular technology for use in all government and private buildings throughout China.”

AmericaTowne, meanwhile, says on its website it that its “objective is to provide unique one of kind communities for people in China to go spend their leisure time consisting of 50 unique US small businesses, a 5 star hotel, 50 villas and a theme park and performing arts center, and a Senior Care and Wellness facilities all fashioned after the American way, business, and lifestyle.

Actual businesses, hotels, villas theme parks and performing arts center, and senior facilities found in the USA will be found in AmericaTowne in China. In short, AmericaTowne brings a slice of America to China. Situated on 50 to 165 acres of land, Management believes the communities will offer authentic goods, products and services that are “made in the USA.” The company expects to identify 50 US-based businesses that want to locate their operations and conduct business in AmericaTowne.

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