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BuildingBlok’s Cloud Based Construction Management

Platform Exceeds 2500 General Contractors And Tens of Thousands Subcontractors Signed Up For It’s Suite of Tools.  

Summary:   As BuildingBlok continues to experience unprecedented growth, the company will continue to roll out new features and functionality throughout 2014.  

BuildingBlok  the cloud-based platform that helps small to mid-size general contractors better manage the entire lifecycle of construction projects, announces today that over 2500 general contractors have signed up to use its construction management solution.  This recent growth solidifies BuildingBlok’s position as a leader in this fast growing industry.

BuildingBlok, launched in early 2014, uniquely offers a robust suite of management tools at a low cost– —replacing manual workflow processes such as email, fax, and excel spreadsheets to better track and manage documents and workflow.  “Small to mid-size contractors make up more than seventy-five percent of the trillion dollar construction industry,” said Justin Nolan, CEO of BuildingBlok.  “We are pleased to bring the same caliber of construction management tools to this segment of the market, at a fraction of the price.”

General contractors use BuildingBlok for every aspect of the customer lifecycle.  “BuildingBlok streamlines multiple aspects of a project to save time,” says Andrew DiSabatino, Project Manager of EDiS Company. “ What used to take hours and add huge overhead costs to construction management  now takes minutes and with much less of a margin of error.”  Specifically,

  • BuildingBlok encourages collaboration among users, granting users the ability to invite all project participants onto the platform, without charging for additional users.
  • While on the platform, general contractors can store and share construction related documents, manage and track permissions and provide a user and time stamped audit trail for everything that happens on their projects. Subcontractors can create documents in the system instead of creating them on paper and mailing or emailing them.  This allows general contractors, architects, engineers and owners to move the review and approval of these documents online, cutting the time to complete by 90%.
  • BuildingBlok offers mobile capabilities for project participants to manage workflow from the field.  From the mobile app, users can update daily reports, time sheets and take photos to maintain a real-time log of what happened at a particular job site and share throughout the projects.
  • There is a simple invitation to bid process for working with current subcontractors and tapping into new ones.  Invitation to bid provides a better way for general contractors to manage all contacts in the bid submission process.

In addition to the general contractors, BuildingBlok supports the work of over ten thousand  subcontractors who work across multiple projects at any given time.  BuildingBlok will be releasing a suite of tools designed specifically for subcontractors to help them more efficiently manage their own businesses and projects.


About BuildingBlok:

BuildingBlok is the first cloud based construction management platform geared specifically to small to mid-size general contractors, offering a robust suite of management tools at an affordable price.   The company was launched in early 2014 by CEO Justin Nolan and has headquarters in New York City. For more information, visit  For media inquiries, contact Cari Sommer, Sommer Communications Group, 646-480-7683.

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