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GoTriangle breaks ground on a new transit hub in Raleigh N.C.

GoTriangle kicked off construction on Raleigh Union Station transit facility this week, a new transit hub on South West Street in the Warehouse District.

Known as RUS Bus, the $40.7 million hub is expected to open in mid-2025 and will be built to accommodate future projects including bus rapid transit services and regional passenger rail service. GoTriangle – the Triangle’s regional transit authority – will own and manage RUS Bus.“We are proud to work alongside our partners today as we break ground on a transformative multimodal transportation hub that will have a lasting impact on Raleigh and the region as a whole,” said development partner Hoffman & Associates president Shawn Seaman. “The enhanced public transportation options provided by GoTriangle, coupled with the planned dynamic mix of residential, retail and restaurant experiences at Union West, mark a monumental step in creating a more interconnected, vibrant community.”

The street-level bus facility will be paired with a 23-story private development known as Union West that will include multifamily residential apartments, including affordable housing, as well as retail and activated community space in one central and vibrant destination.

“It’s been said before that ‘transportation is to a region, what the nervous system is to the human body,’” said GoTriangle’s board of trustees chair Brenda Howerton. “It makes every element of a city or region function effectively by helping people to commute. Multimodal transportation hubs are critical in providing inter- and intra-city mobility while moving towards seamless travel.”

GoTriangle was awarded a $20 million federal BUILD grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to build the facility on land GoTriangle owns, and the project is being funded by local, state and federal funding. GoTriangle’s private development partner Hoffman & Associates will finance Union West, which is anticipated to open in 2026-2027. Union West’s cost is to be determined based on the final scope of the development.

“This mixed-use development will become a major point in downtown Raleigh that not only includes a new and modern bus facility, but also will provide retail spaces and, most importantly, bring more affordable housing to the area,” said GoTriangle president and CEO Chuck Lattuca. “Today’s event is another great example of collaboration with federal, state, local and private partners to improve transit connectivity.”

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