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IndyGo begins contract negotiations for Red Line transit project

IndyGo has begun negotiating with two firms for the first phase of the Red Line rapid transit project. The contracts cover roadway and sidewalk construction to be handled by Rieth-Riley Construction Company, as well as station canopy construction and other buildout work by FA Wilhelm Construction.

Bids placed by both builders totaled $45 million, which is approximately 3.5 percent below the transit agency’s estimates. Aside from being awarded contracts worth this amount, each firm will receive additional financing under the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, with Rieth-Riley receiving an extra 12.49 percent and Wilhelm 2.21 percent.

To schedule and prepare for construction work, a preliminary Notice to Proceed (NTP) will subsequently be issued by IndyGo. A full NTP is expected for release by early 2018, after the agency has secured a Small Starts grant from the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA).

In 2016, $50 million had already been approved by Congress for the Red Line. IndyGo will initially be receiving $25 million upon execution of an agreement with FTA, while the remaining amount will be appropriated after a second congressional hearing.

“Many Small Starts funded projects have been given partial appropriations over multiple congressional sessions,” said IndyGo CEO and president Mike Terry. “IndyGo is timing the construction expenses to match up with availability of funding to protect our agency and Marion County taxpayers.

The Red Line is slated for opening by spring of 2019. It is part of the Marion County Transit Plan, and will encompass 13 mi. between Broad Ripple and the University of Indianapolis.

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