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Nomination deadline two weeks away for 2018 Best Construction Blog competition

The nomination deadline for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition is fast approaching: 11:45 p.m. on March 1.

You can nominate as many blogs as you like — including your own. There’s no fee to enter the competition, and the entry process is simple.

There are some real rewards for entering:

  1. All qualified blogs will receive a free (positive) editorial review during the popular voting period from Feb. 2 to March 31. This editorial coverage will certainly be helpful in your own search engine optimisation objectives.
  2. Related to the first point, we’ll include your blog in the ongoing Construction Blogs and Resources listing page. Again, this is a free listing, and it is permanent.
  3. If you are a finalist/winner, you’ll of course be able to brag about the news — and the publicity we provide will add to your SEO, as well.

Note there is no entry fee.  Voting is decided by a combination of popular vote and independent judges. This means that blogs representing both large and small businesses and organizations have a fair shake at winning. A reasonable “get out the vote” effort among employees, suppliers, contractors and clients should get you enough popular votes to qualify for the judges’ attention. But we realize that some businesses/practices have hundereds of employees in many locations, and can easily swamp the popular vote. The independent judging process ensures that your blog truly deserves to win the competition.

Here’s the nomination form. If you wish, pass it on to friends and colleagues (but there is no need to engage in a mass campaign to be nominated — save that for the actual voting process.)

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