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Sometimes business takes unexpected turns, and that phrase certainly has relevance for this

Design and Construction Report edition.

The publication concept was first developed in the summer of 2009, at a lunch with Tim Klabunde, who had successfully launched the Design and Construction Network on LinkedIn. In our conversation, we explored whether we could produce a complementary magazine.

The idea got off to a slow start. If you dig back into the archives, you’ll find two issues from that era, then silence. But it wasn’t as if nothing was happening. In Canada, the related Canadian Design and Construction Report “caught on” and we’ve published many issues of that title in the past decade.

Meanwhile, things evolved in unexpected directions in the U.S. While our original titles (at the time serving Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC) faltered, out of the ashes we successfully relaunched North Carolina Construction News, and then gradually built up additional titles serving Chicago, Florida, New York, Indiana, Chicago, and most recently, Pennsylvania.

These successes have led us to revisit the originally conceived national Design and Construction Report publication. Like many national publications built from local frameworks, we’ll source some of our more interesting and relevant regional stories here, and provide a wider distribution framework for topics of national interest.

Accordingly, I welcome your story suggestions, comments and ideas. You can reach me by email at or phone (888) 627-8717 ext. 224.

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