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American Airlines: Chicago issues $70 million building permit for five new gates

The building permit for five new American Airlines gates at O’Hare airport has a $70 million valuation, indicating a cost per gate of more than $14 million.

The airline is footing the bill for the project, co-ordinated by contractor F.H. Paschen/S.N. Nielsen. (The architect is listed as Murphy John Bernard.)

The permit description says: “Superstructure, architecture, architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection build out in this permit application. Future American Airlines new five gate addition, approx. 49,540 sq. ft. at Stinger L (two story building), adjacent to Terminal 3 at O’Hare International Airport.”

Subtrades listed in the permit include: Electrical — Hartmann Electric Company, Inc.; plumbing — Abitua Plumbing, Inc.; and refrigeration and mechanical — Hill Mechanical Corp.
This project comes ahead of the much larger Terminal 5 expansion, with an expected budget of $300 million, according to Curbed Chicago.
“The planned expansions of terminals 3 and 5 will coincide with plans to add two new hotels to O’Hare as well as redevelop its existing Hilton,” the website reported. “The hospitality improvements are expected to essentially double the airport’s capacity when it comes to on-site overnight accommodations.”
“A longer term plan to add an all-new terminal and a vehicular access point to the western side of the sprawling airport are reportedly still on the table as a future phase. The city had also examined the possibility of adding a high-speed rail link between O’Hare and downtown, though very little regarding that project has been heard in recent months.”
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