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Construction begins on west coast’s largest veterans’ park at San Diego’s Navy Pier

Construction of Freedom Park, the largest veterans’ park on the West Coast, is officially underway. This multi-year joint project, anticipated to open its doors in 2028, marks a significant milestone in honoring the nation’s veterans.

The start of construction follows unanimous approval from the California Coastal Commission in 2023 and the recent approval of a $7.4 million contract with AMG Demolition by the port’s Board of Commissioners in February 2024.

Work includes the demolition of the large head-house building situated at the entrance of the pier, making space for the development of Freedom Park, as announced by port officials. Using golden sledgehammers, participants of the groundbreaking ceremony will ceremonially break cinderblock pavers to officially launch the project.

The park, estimated to cost approximately $65 million, has already secured $29 million in funding from various sources, including the port, Midway, and the support of Rep. Peters. An additional $36 million will be raised by the USS Midway Foundation’s capital campaign committee.

Once completed, Freedom Park will include expansive lawn areas, a native plants garden, a “Parade of Veterans” amphitheater, interactive play structures, and a 32-foot-wide promenade along the pier’s northern edge.

Additionally, visitors can expect seating areas and a designated space dedicated to the history of the pier, the Midway, and San Diego Bay. The project is a collaborative effort between the USS Midway Foundation and the Port of San Diego, symbolizing a commitment to honoring veterans and fostering community engagement.

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