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Improvements at Raleigh NC hotel continue with new funding

The extended stay hotel on Brentwood Road, now known as Studios at 2800, is one part of the City of Raleigh’s plan to address affordable housing and council has approved using over $300,000 in income generated by rent at the Studios at 2800 to make improvements to the property.

Raleigh purchased the hotel for $8 million in 2021 to provide affordable housing using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. It was deemed a high priority, as the hotel was at a high risk of redevelopment from market-rate investors. The purchase was described as an opportunity to preserve and enhance an essential component of Raleigh’s affordable housing stock and prevent the displacement of over 100 residents.

The hotel has 116 studio units. As they turn over, there are plans to convert a portion of the rooms into permanent supportive housing for people with disabilities or exiting homelessness. The city has upgraded the fire alarm system and is working to make repairs to address other capital needs including exterior stairs and roofing, electrical and HVAC systems, and the addition of ADA-compliant parking spaces.

“The Studios at 2800 is an example of the city’s work to preserve naturally occurring affordable housing in action. This project helps fill the gap of housing of last resort for individuals who face barriers to renting in the traditional market and who may otherwise be facing homelessness,” said Lamont Taylor, Assistant Director of the Housing and Neighborhoods Department

CASA will manage the building and provide job training and other resources. CASA, a local non-profit organization with 30 years of experience providing supportive housing to individuals and families exiting homelessness, is the current operator of the hotel.

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