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JDS video reveals process behind The Fitzroy’s green terracotta facade

As construction on the Art Deco-inspired condo nears completion, a video has been released showing how the green terracotta blocks on The Fitzroy’s facade were made.

A total of 5,600 terracotta blocks, in 500 unique types, were used to embellish the front of the 10-story building. Before being delivered to the project site, each of the blocks were created and tested under strict standards by Boston Valley Terra Cotta. The manufacturer, which is based in Erie County, is known for restoring blocks and gargoyle structures on the award-winning 36 Gramercy Park.

To create different designs, the manufacturer’s development team carved, hand-painted or spray-painted, baked and glazed the terracotta blocks. Next, they performed a dry fit on a structure resembling a portion of the facade. This was to evaluate how the color of the products would fare in different lighting conditions.

Ultimately, Boston Valley’s team created terracotta blocks with a mix of dark and light green colors. These hues were selected by The Fitzroy’s architect, Roman and Williams.

“We are anticipating that we are on the edge of a movement that’s going to be a backlash to [curtain wall buildings], to bring back a type of craftsmanship that speaks to the human nature of architecture as opposed to the machine and technology nature of architecture,” says JDS Development design manager Antonia Devine, who has been assigned to oversee the condo project at 514 W 24 St.

The video “Building Know-How: Terra-Cotta” was uploaded by JDS Development to its official website, Dec. 15. The luxury real estate firm is co-developing The Fitzroy with Largo Investments.

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