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Pro-Tile and Marble ensures each residential and commercial project receives individual attention and focus

Florida Construction News special feature

Launched in 2014, Jacksonville based Pro-Tile and Marble has evolved into a well-rounded installation firm with divisions in residential, commercial and new home construction.

Based on skills in the trade passed down from their father and after almost 15 years in the

flooring industry, brothers Chris and Nick Harrington formed the company with two simple, but

important goals: delivering quality craftsmanship and an unrivalled customer service experience for each client.

Today, the company has expanded into to pre-fabricated fireplace installations and veneer stone and brick through its masonry division and works on projects ranging from residential homes, new construction, office complexes, restaurants, apartment buildings and industrial flooring applications as well as custom marble designs. “We believe in staying well diversified and that focus has led our company into many different sectors of the construction industry,” says company president Chris Harrington.

Based on the values that inspired the formation of the company initially, Harrington says the company focuses on providing value to clients by educating them about doing any tile or marble project the right way, which seems to have been lost in today’s ‘get it done at all costs’ project environment.

“What you cannot see and what is underneath the tile and the prep work that is performed is just as important as the final finished product. Our goal is to give our clients an exceptional project that will last for years by holding our company to a higher standard than our competitors through rigorous company training and accountability.”

The company manages the hundreds of projects it takes on annually through a team of seven full time employees and 10 full time subcontracting crews used on a weekly basis.

Among the team’s past successes was a project last year – the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office in Yulee, FL. Here, Harrington says an extremely tight deadline, combined with intricate connection points through intersecting corridors and detailed flooring patterns, made attention to detail and experience in handling difficult sites critical.

For that project, as with all of the work it undertakes, Harrington says they work closely with each client to fit their specific needs. “Each client will have a different set of problems or concerns and our staff has been trained to address and create solutions to these specific needs. We do not work based on a one size fits all scenario.”

He says the company is able to ensure quality people on every job because of a low turnover rate due to treating people and employees with respect and giving them the tools they need to succeed through ongoing education in the flooring industry.

“We hire people based on their specific skill set, and through multiple testing procedures for the position they are applying for, candidates must be able to excel in our company culture. We also hire people that are like us, like family and this leads to happy employees and a strong workforce who like what they are doing.”

Pro-Tile & Marble is a member of the North East Florida Builders Association and the National Tile Contractors Association. The company is also a supporter of Builders Care in Jacksonville which provides construction services to the elderly and less fortunate within the community at no cost.

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