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Tesla Gigafactory — A construction view

Here’s a drone perspective of the construction of Tesla’s massive battery factory construction in Nevada.

Fuel cell production has already started in the factory, which is still partially under construction, reports. And that productions is just getting started.

Unveiled in 2014, Gigafactory 1 had its official grand opening in July 2016. At the time of the ribbon cutting, the $5 billion factory was only 14% complete, but it was already on its way in changing the world’s energy use. Gigafactory 1 creates fuel cells for Tesla’s electric vehicles and Powerwall batteries for the company’s solar arrays.

The drone footage, shot by videographer Duncan Sinfield on a DJI Inspire 1 Pro, reveals a factory site that appears like a mirage from the desert, swarmed by tiny parked cars, little construction cranes, and tractor trailers that look smaller than ants. Then again, being situated next to a 6 million-square-foot building will make almost anything seem small.

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