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Anniversaries and milestones: How to obtain powerful positive publicity for your practice or business

If your business is celebrating an anniversary, milestone, or significant achievement, Florida Construction News (FCN) can help you communicate your good news story with powerful and comprehensive editorial publicity and advertising.

With advertising support, we’ll publish an extensive article about your anniversary or achievement — posting it on the website, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and in the next issue of the FCN online magazine.

You reprint and redistribute the publicity through your own email, social media and website — magnifying the publicity and its enduring value.

If you wish, you can invite participation and support from suppliers and colleagues. We have a “no pressure” policy on this type of trade-support advertising, and always seek to ensure that the advertisers receive value for their money. If third-party ads appear, they’ll be there because the companies really want to advertise — and your feature will be even larger and more effective.

We’ll carry the heavy lifting in the research and writing. While the writing needs to be designed to conform with editorial standards, you will certainly have the right to review and approve the text and layout before publication.

For more information, contact Chase at (888) 627-8717 ext 212 or email

You can also download advertising rate information and request more details at this link.

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