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Mystery construction business proposes Roxbury “international headquarters”

Which construction-related business wishes to relocate to Roxbury, NJ?

The answer appears to be a secret.  The company is intentionally not revealing its identity in its proposal to relocate its “international” headquarters to an industrial site there, reports The Roxbury Register.

Kenvil Newcrete had been the former property user at 47 Dell Ave. in the township’s Kenvil section.

The proposal was spelled out- sort of- in a Jan. 19 letter to township manager Christopher Raths, written by attorney Lawrence Berger of Morristown, the local publication reported.

In the letter, Berger writes that he represents Dell Ave. property owner Ronald Petillo, who owns a 30 acre parcel.

“There is an international company that has selected Roxbury for its headquarters as a result of Roxbury’s proximity to the New York metropolitan area and its zoning,” Berger writes.

“The company, whose name cannot be disclosed as of yet, is in the business of moving large and difficult materials on an international basis. The projects would be serviced directly from the Roxbury location involving New York City high-rise construction and, in particular, additional buildings which will be adjacent to the Freedom tower in Manhattan,” the attorney writes.

“The company’s intentions are to build an approximately 100,000 square foot facility on the 30 acre site in Roxbury, which will be used primarily for office and warehousing purposes,” the letter states.

Approvals and construction, he estimates, will take about two years.

The lawyer said the property owner is requesting that about five of the 30 acres be utilized, right away, for some unspecified “outdoor storage.”  However, township attorney Tom Germinario said this use isn’t permitted.

“Any temporary use permit should not exceed six months in duration, during which time Mr. Petillo should be required to apply to the Planning Board for site plan approval of the warehouse/office building and the accessory storage area,” Germinario wrote on Jan. 23.

The Roxbury Register also reported that the township’s mayor and council had received an unsigned letter purportedly from the mystery company, saying.

“At the appropriate time, we will, of course, notify the appropriate persons that we have selected Roxbury Township for our headquarters. However, we believe that it would not be beneficial for us to make this disclosure at this time,” the typed letter states.

The letter writer also says that they are not identifying the name of the company, at this time, because “in today’s world of easy access to information, an appearance in person or disclosure of our name could harm the company in our dealings with competitors, existing landlords and other communities in which we have targeted properties for our relocation.

“We are a privately held company in the business of moving high value commodities for aerospace companies and high rise building facades. Our annual sales are significantly in excess of $100 million,” the letter states.

The letter also states that between 80 and 100 people would be employed on the site, which would include a new, 100,000 square foot facility.

“There would be no manufacturing at that facility. It would be used primarily for administrative offices, storage and packaging. There is a significant requirement for outside storage because of the nature of the materials involved in our business,” the letter states.

The letter has no corporate logos nor are there any names on the document.

Raths said there are still no details, but said it could be a boon for the township.

“I understand that the company is still interested in developing their headquarters in our great community. It is important that the process provide public input and follow a thorough planning process,” he said. “The township’s administration is encouraged by the interest and awaits the final outcome of the project.”

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