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ODA designs 13-story condo building for Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

A 13-story condominium complex, to be designed by ODA New York, has been slated to deliver 45 new homes to Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

The building is replacing a single-story structure which currently occupies the corner of West 14th St. and Sixth Ave. It will top out at 145 ft. and feature 80,140 sq.ft. of total area, with 54,520 sq.ft. for residential use and 5,830 sq.ft. for two retail spaces on the ground floor.

Meanwhile, each condo is estimated to cover 1,211 sq.ft. and out of the building’s total of 45 units, 21 are to be constructed as duplexes. Rentals and for-sale-units will be offered.

The second level will house a tenant lounge and fitness center. Other amenities available for future tenants include a rooftop terrace, storage for 23 bicycles, a laundry room, and an exercise room in the cellar.

Based on the application filed by JM Zoning on behalf of project developer Gemini Rosemont, the entire building will occupy 83 percent of the 8,032-sq.ft. site located at 101 West 14th St. It sits across from an Urban Outfitters Store and next to a subway entrance.

Permits have been filed for the project but its developer, Gemini Rosemont, has not announced an estimated date of completion.

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